Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June list

I bring these things into the month of June:

- being brave
- facials and waxing and cleansing my body and skin as well as my mind and home
- foreign & independent films
- using Life is Beautiful and Il Postino in my two preps, the students liking both
- the desire to learn French again
- camping for the first time in a decade with good friends
- 6/29/07: Emily's wedding (I wiggle with excitement over that one)
- saying good-bye to This High School, hello to the future and possibilities
- a new classroom with a round seating arrangement, plumped for discussion
- barbeque and shishkabobs
- good reads
- fresh flowers by the kitchen sink window each week
- Corinne Bailey Rae (especially "Put Your Records On")
- poet Anne Carson
- the special feeling of reading in bed while it is raining outside
- collecting strange dreams, stranger each day
- countdown to my own wedding (two months very soon)
- Tuesday writing group
- the start of the summer theatre class I will teach (and the grateful love I send to my mother who will cover a day and a half of classes so I can attend Emily's wedding and rehearsal dinner)
- sleeping in


Anali said...

You have a very nice blog! I love these candles and your month of June is sounding mighty fun to me! ; )

wish studio said...

can't stop listening to that corrine cd! so mellow and swwet - perfect for summer. love all your june things, especially the camping. got to get back into the woods. thanks for stopping by...xo, mindy

Anonymous said...
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Molly said...
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Anonymous said...

In regard to a post left on her blog on showers:

Oh my gosh...I would be so furious. You see, there was major drama with one of my wedding showers, too, which was supposed to be at my in-laws house - and which they cancelled the day of. It was a very bad day.

I don't think, maybe, that they do showers very well?

Anyway, I am over it now. Well, mostly. I had a wonderful time, surrounded by people who I love and who love me AND this baby. I hope any and all of your showers go off beautifully - and eep! reading about your wedding flowers! My favorite part of any wedding. I hope you get all the blossoms you want.

:) Sam

Liz said...

Corrine is on constant reply on my player, too :)