Monday, June 25, 2007

book review: a little more about me

This was a fine book--not spectacular, not the worst read. A very middle-of-the-road experience in reading. She writes fairly plainly, but has a good sense of pace and revelation. Her experiences are much more interesting than my own--she is an outdoor adventurist, so she can write about fly fishing well before the sun rises, camping in below zero temperatures, hiking up the tallest of mountains, and I found it compelling, drawing me in, more out of reverence than writing style.
I am reading Cowboys are my Weakness next, which seems strange as this was such a lukewarm reading experience, but Christina said her stories are much better and has just finished a wonderful workshop experience with Pam Houston.
PS: Official medical term for my break (what is in my file, anyway): fractured left radial tip. I think that's what it was, anyway. As we all know, I tend to forget things.
PPS: First class went really well. Nine kids, all have great ideas and are talkative. I will discuss soon, but as you can imagine, regenerating bone is very tiresome work! :)

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Felicia said...

I'll look that one up. This week I'm reading Evanovich's new Stephanie Plum novel. Those books crack me up.