Tuesday, May 22, 2007

summer's resolutions

Sometimes, when I'm reading the ancient, dusty posts of other bloggers, I come upon the ubiquitous New Year's post, where all the resolutions are touted up for all of bloggerdom to see: Look at what I'm promising myself. Somehow, by making it public, it will have a better chance. Maybe yes, maybe no, but like I've mentioned before, I recognize this as essentially an online diary with a small readership (Hi, Mom! You can actually read this without sneaking around now!), and I've decided that the midst of May is a perfectly fine time for me to take stock of my life and I've christened this New Summer's Resolution time (perhaps we can check in at midsummer, when I am just done teaching Midsummer Night's Dream).

I have goals:

- lose ten pounds (remember, this is a summer goal, not a year goal)
- send out at least a dozen poems by summer's end (maybe even get one published!)
- plan a wedding and honeymoon without losing my mind or resembling, in any way, a bRiDeZiLLa (Kelly, you are completely and utterly in charge of keeping me in check--I know you have the capability, as we used to have slap fights and those smarted, dangit!)
- make drinking 64 oz. of water daily a regular part of my day
- begin (to eventually complete) The Artist's Way
- start yoga classes
- get house to a point where the mess doesn't make me cringe (and when I say that, I don't mean make peace with the mess, I mean clean out the clutter)
- have a job that starts in the fall or sooner, be it teaching or not, preferably with little to no commute and not with a chain company
- start biking again (just got a call from the shop today to say that the tune up is complete and my cheap bike is ready for me to make a fool of myself)
- steadily return to the new recipe a week tradition
- make one significant house improvement (such as the kitchen wallpaper to paint adventure; perhaps making a list of aesthetic and beyond changes would be a smart way to start this)
- take a community ed class, perhaps in stained glass or pottery, and even better, with Angie
- find a way to make meditation / quiet reflection / stillness a part of my daily routine
- get a new tattoo with my beloved pasta sister as a symbol of so many things: our friendship, surviving tough times, turning a new page in our books of love (all that gooshy warm stuff)
- fresh flowers by the kitchen sink each week (the tulips did well there, no cat demolition)
- finish the sweater for James (which will probably fit a sibling at the rate he is growing and the rate I am knitting) and begin a new knitting project
- begin to learn French again
- read at least twenty books (from summer's beginning to end), if not many, many more

And I am looking forward to these new, sometimes brave things that would have gone on this list had I written it a few weeks ago, these things that will happen this summer and I anticipate with joy:

- going to North Carolina, flying (and traveling out of the Midwest) for the very first time with a favorite girl friend to visit another favorite girl friend
- camping, for the first time since I was in high school, with three very dear friends, three very dear dogs, and my favorite fiance (thus far, anyway)
- making the Y a regular stop on my daily adventures (today I went, only half an hour on the elliptical, but if I can turn that into something regular and make it longer, maybe add weights...)
- make cleansing my skin as well as my body a regular routine (I just signed up for my first facial appointment and eyebrow waxing--hey, get your jaw off that floor)
- continue daily writing in my notebook
- teaching a gifted and talented class (a goal of mine, though the timing is difficult)
- taking a week long poetry class with a long admired poet
- plant a vegetable and flower garden (seeds are in trays, just now sprouting)

So. What about you? What are your summer's resolutions?


Anonymous said...

Okay...I'll show you mine:
1.Finish one-half of the research I will do for my degree.
2.Travel to a steamy place with a newly-waxed, facially-treated, hydrated, accomplished female. :)
3. Find peace in my realization that I'm not marriage material.

K.R. said...

In no order:

-re-learn how to drive

-shop at the farmer's market more

-get accepted into a writing residency for 2008

-walk more

-read more

-adapt to living in a new city


Anonymous said...

hi molly. thanks for visiting my humble blog. hope you visit again :-)


Anonymous said...

Push my drawings.

Live off of my business.

See my grandfather a lot.

Make more poems and make them work harder.

Send out, come ON! jeez.

Drink more water.

Get rid of as much stuff as I can before leaving the US again.



Liz said...

Summer resolutions...? Hmm...lose another 20 pounds. do something (anything) with the garden. ENJOY LIFE. :) Save some money for traveling. Surround myself with good friends and good vibes.

Anonymous said...


thanks so much for coming by!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, my english is very poor, otherwise I'd write my posts in english also...



KeLL said...

1. Get back into my excercise routine
2. Clean out the clutter!
3. Find a way to get along with my MIL

Loggers goal:
Every day, find one thing to destroy
Stop being Logger the Destructor

Which do you think he'll pick?

KeLL said...

4. Give my Best Friend the bestest bridal shower and bachelorette party EVER!
5. Support, help, counsel, and love my best friend before and on August 11th!

(I didn't forget these things; I was distracted by squeaky toys)