Friday, May 25, 2007

so this is how happiness spreads

It's so lovely when you discover the support you've had all this time and didn't even know it was there. Not as strongly. You know the moment in Dead Poet's Society when the students stand up on the desk in honor of Mr. Keating. O Captain, my captain? This is the point in the movie where I cry. Not when the student kills himself, which got my creative writing kids, but this sign of support, this surprise defiance and devotion. So it is no surprise that I got bleary eyed this morning when the principal came up this morning to my classroom to shake my hand, to tell him how wonderful this news was, that he didn't want to just send it in an email. And just after, his secretary came up and gave me a big warm hug. And my chin trembles just thinking about these things, how I've had these people rooting me on, and my fellow English teachers telling me what a great job I'll do, how lucky Local High School is to have me. I think, Really? Oh really and truly, I have this mass of support here and I know I hate to leave them. It is always the people that make it easy or hard--these people are the big thing, nearly the almost-thing, I'll miss about this place. How often do you make a best friend when you work somewhere for two years? I haven't fallen into that habit, but now I have a lifetime girl friend who is absolutely fabulous. And the principal and his secretary stood on a desk for me.

I've been thinking about summer and all the projects I want to conquer. I want to clean out the house, but you knew that already. And I have been inspired by all the craftiness of surrounding blogs to take out pen to paper, not just for words but images, shapes. And to take out the knitting needles and the sewing machine and simply noodle around, experiment. Not worry if the pattern makes me tear my hair out because I have to get it right the first time. Instead, embrace the learning process.

So, with that in mind, I thought I'd make a list of all the things I can do with the two hours I will gain back every day:

- Most of it will be spent fine honing curriculum. After all, the only unit it looks like I'll carry with me is To Kill a Mockingbird, which follows me everywhere. With three preps and so much of it new to me, I will be a busy girl indeed.
- Dates! With my lovely fiance who will then be my husband!
- Going on long walks with the dogs. I can't wait for this one. I can run home on my prep hour if need be! (Isn't it strange that the word "prep" can mean how many different courses you teach or the hour in which you are supposed to plan? "Prep" can also mean how many hours per day you teach, indicating if you are part time or not. I teach two preps now. I am on prep hour. That word is starting to sound strange after too much repetition!)
- Read twice as many books. Read at all. Heck, don't forget it isn't just the two hours I'm gaining back. I also won't have the co-curricular marathon to run. I can read for more than two minutes before dropping off to slumber. I shake my head in pure amazement.
- Projects. Like knitting, sewing, crocheting. Learning to do things that require more tools--stained glass, pottery, beadmaking.
- Writing, writing, oh glorious writing
- Keep the house clean, clearly. Can I get it to a place where I'll be happy with that?

This afternoon, I had my first facial and eyebrow waxing. If you have never had a facial before, I would, without a doubt, recommend it. I had been a bit aloof, a little nervous, especially when I realized I'd have to take off my shirt and slip under the sheets. But the gentle pacing and special care was glorious. I felt instantly relaxed and my skin feels incredibly soft. The waxing wasn't pleasant, and it's strange to have significantly thinner spots where there once was a great deal of fluff, but it looks good, not too out of control, and she told me I naturally had nice shape.

So now continues the shift in lifestyle. Next week, I'm looking into a beginning yoga class. I'm looking into shopping at independent organic markets (Simple Abundance being one) and farmer's markets. I'm looking into more water and long hikes, regular exercise and quiet meditation. I'm looking at the lives of others and how they find their creative spirit. I'm looking at coming to daily peace, natural calm, simplicity and creativity.

Creative Idea:
- Word Bundles

Folks living without impact:
- Compact (not buying anything new for a year)
- No Impact Man: complete with blog


Anonymous said...

Wow! It sounds like you're starting a new chapter!! I sure haven't been in contact with you in a long time. I'm in Rochester now. Ug. We should just start some sort of communication again! Have a great summer anyway!--LUV Ringo

K.R. said...

Oh! I remember Dead Poet's Society. I had managed to get away without seeing it for years, until I finally borrowed it from the library last year, and then watched it twice in a row. Yes. That ending. Always. Gets. Me. Re: farmer's market: I've been thinking about whether to subscribe to a CSA one day when I am more settled.

Funny how there is a synchronicity in the things people are thinking about... ; )

Enjoy the weekend!