Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May list

Some things that draw my eye this May:

- actresses Cate Blanchette and Catherine Keneer
- Kelly Nelson & happily ever after wishes
- seeing that name and momentarily wondering who it is; just then, realizing
- Photoshop adventures
- thunderstorms
- Boston & airports
- letterpress & broadsides
- morning and evening pages in my notebook
- the whir of the sewing machine at night, the whir of the fan beneath it
- things that can fit in the palm of your hand
- tastes on the tip of your tongue
- Tori Amos & Feist (and new albums on May 1st)
- teaching poetry in creative writing
- Romeo and Juliet, my final major freshmen English unit
- my own writing awakening (re-awakening)
- the anticipation of a summer writing group
- flowers blooming, planning a summer garden
- thick, lumpy jam
- honeybees, the taste of honey
- small birds: sparrows, robins... birds in profile, on stationary, holding up glowing candles
- being here now, finding ways to not be too distracted by plans for the future or reflections on the past--using those things to celebrate life as it is right now


K.R. said...

M! So good to find you and to read your poems again--I remember the prose poem (or a version of it). Hope all is well! (K from the U days.
; -)

Kim Carney said...

that is a great list (I might have to follow in your path on most of them ;)