Sunday, May 27, 2007

little wooden birds & swimming in the mississippi

This weekend, we went to see our parents in Green Bay. It was a quiet weekend... sleeping, going out to dinner with our parents, (Z Harvest, the place where K and I had our first date... or rather, began our first date, which ended the next afternoon in Milwaukee).

Last night's dream: I was pregnant. K and I were trying, and there I was, with child. I don't remember much else, though I remember how it felt for my dream-self to be carrying a baby. (Honestly, maybe I need a break from reading all the blogs-with-babies.)

We came back yesterday afternoon, four and a half hours of me behind the wheel and K grinning at me, telling me silly things, the dogs pressing their noses against the glass. Exhausted and glowering at a messy house, all I wanted was to curl up in bed and sleep again. (Seriously, if there is one thing I am excellent at, it is sleep. I don't know what I'll do when I have children.)

Instead of lazing around, we took the dogs for a long walk downtown. We gazed into windows, finding out when the flower shop would be open, when the organic grocer would be open, and we discovered these lovely wooden birds in the window of the Swedish shop. It made me think of all those little things you can hold in the palm of your hand, how small beauty can bring such joy.

I've often wanted to learn to woodcarve. I don't know if I'll ever get to it, considering how big my list of "I've wanted to learn to" is long and winding and I have yet to really become good at the things I've now learned to do (sew, knit, crochet). I can admire from afar and think, Community Ed has open woodshop. One day I'll join.

We took the dogs down to the Mississippi, to which Penelope plunked herself in and Zephyr yanked himself away. I wish I had a better angle as Pen loping around in this huge river was beautiful, but I was in charge of the reluctant bowling ball (this and venomous hippo are his nicknames from K) who would tug with all his might.

I did take one picture that made me happy, but sad I posted such a poor one for my sister project. The downtown image with the moon would replace my walk sign one, but we live and learn.

Tomorrow: house cleaning and planting seedlings in the garden. Thorough housecleaning, it sounds like. Perhaps I should take some before and after pictures!

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