Monday, April 30, 2007

self portrait challenge: street photography #1

I must confess a small guilt: K walks the dogs far more frequently then I. In fact, he cares for the dogs more then I, which explains their utter adoration of him. And I must confess, I understand that slobbering, puppy-like devotion. He is really a wonderful companion.

This self portrait challenge is going to be difficult for me. I have only recently started this project, and I still feel if a picture is a portrait, I must be the one to take it, or to arrange it. If I have K snap a picture of me downtown, isn't that cheating as well?

For now, pictures of me, reflections in the windows of the library, a place I return to again and again. The librarians now know me, the one who probably requests the most books: CDs to listen to on the hour long drive to teach, DVDs because our television reception does not come in, books I know I might not want to keep.

Things to see in the reflection: the Sheldon Theatre (the local high school's musical will be there, a wonderful venue, a level of coziness there that our own auditorium does not have). Inside: layers of books, a poster beckoning us to "read," something I need no challenge to do.

A Sunday afternoon, sun out, just me and the dogs and downtown.


Sacred Suzie said...

I love how uncontrived this photo is, it's absolutely real and familiar. You are have beautiful dogs and it's nice to meet another frequent member of the library club. You have inspired me, this is a place with roads that I go, perhaps that's where I will take my picture next week?

mreteveian said...

Out library has large windows, as your's, so I might pass by one day.
To take self portrait alone, since I too have the same feelign that "I" have to be the photographer for the photo to be a "real" self portrait, I had to learn more about my camera's setting. Now I love to use the timer and leave my camera a bit far from me/ where I am.
I've been to spc a long time, and it's been a great learning curve! So wish you luck futher!

angela said...

this is a great portrait, so many things to look at in addition to you! i feel like i need to be the one to snap the pic too.

thanks for stopping over and leaving a comment with me, great to "meet you" :)

Shona Cole said...

Great candid shot, very natural. Thanks for visiting mine, I will see where the street theme takes you next week!