Thursday, April 12, 2007

self portrait challenge: the body

I've always been reliant on my right hand. This is the hand I use to write poetry with, to pick up objects, to eat, to change the radio station, to half hug someone, to chop vegetables, to water the lawn, to walk the dogs, to wrap around K as I fall asleep, to turn the pages in my books, to scratch itches, to wash my hair, to shelve books, to write notes for students on the white board.

Sometimes I try to imagine myself without bits of my body: without sight, I would not be able to read the same way, to enjoy the shape of art. Without hearing, I couldn't listen to K's voice as he tells me a story about work or when he plays the guitar. Without my feet, I could not clumsily make my way through the world. I think it is my hands that would be one of the most devastating--the reliance I have on them is daunting.

But here is my left hand, and it is not because I cannot take pictures left handed, but because there is something fairly new adorning this hand: the engagement ring. Here is something seven plus years in the making (eight so very soon), here is something that symbolizes a celebration of our patient and kind love for one another, here is something that catches my eye and I feel like a raccoon--distracted by the light. It is a symbol of this new light in my life, the changes and potential. It is a symbol of trust, compassion, patience, partnership.

My heart in the palm of my hand, all I have to give.

(This is my first self portrait challenge--I hope I did this right! Click on the button to see other self portraits...)

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