Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Some things that interest me this April:

- trying new recipes, one each week
- clearing out the clutter in each room, slowly but surely
- poetry packets in the mail and poetry submissions
- my new Canon camera and blogging with those pictures
- Kelly's wedding (4/21)
- Vitamin water
- the color green (as in, peeking from the loamy earth)
- new horizons and new beginnings
- the King Arthur legend (and reading Rosalind Miles books)
- Regina Spektor & especially "Fidelity"
- registries
- watercolor and ink drawing
- a handmade planner, allowing messiness & accomplishable to do lists
- Homer and The Odyssey
- taking Penelope and Zephyr on long walks downtown
- warm chai tea
- elliptical machines and Mississippi River views
- sleeping in and sunny days

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