Sunday, January 21, 2007


K and I have been bitten by the homebrewing bug. I'm not sure what it's all about--if it's because our friend L has been immensely successful with his own brewing and perhaps K is a little jealous of that Christmas kegerator, or perhaps it's because it gives us something fun to do together. Either way, we stopped at the homebrewing store in the city this Saturday--we bottled a beer earlier this week and picked up a kit for an Irish Ale as well as a Clover Mead we are hoping to share for the wedding.

It appears my picture-a-day seems to have a monotonous theme: either P being cute or beverages with some variation. Of course, at this time of year, it's not much more than snow and work and recovering from both, so it makes sense that things are mundane. A is doing this picture-a-day as well and she says she is trying to pick images that represent her day. This is true for myself as well. I'm also trying to see what a snapshot camera can do!

This is the last week of the fall semester. I can't believe how quickly it all went. I look forward to next semester--three of my favorite units are coming up! And I am looking forward to the musical, despite all of the frustration it may bring as well. I was walking out of the auditorium the other day after dropping off some information to our current director and I caught this smell that is distinctly the auditorium... it made me remember all of that time spent there, feeling like I could live there, could sleep there, and I actually began to long for it--only a little bit. So despite all my stomping around and tears, I do enjoy working with those kids, and now that I've got a bit more experience under my belt, it should be a much more pleasant time for everything. Who knows? Perhaps I will be very sad that this is likely my last musical to direct. A strange thought indeed!

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