Tuesday, January 02, 2007


In the knitting world, I have learned, this means "finished object." I finished my last item of 2006 in the car on the snowy drive up to the northern suburbs to spend New Year's with my very closest friend. I gave her this dishcloth using this pattern as my first gift of 2007. (I couldn't do the tail... Maybe next time.)

We indeed survived the snowy drive, but it got a little scary! There was no snow in town when we left, but as soon as we hit halfway, about south of the cities, it began to snow. And eventually we began passing cars in ditches and police lights flashing... At one point, we passed a tire on the left side of a six lane divided highway and just after, a car without its left rear wheel and the driver beginning the slow trudge to cross the slippery highway and back. I'm sure it was difficult as no one wanted to stop as stopping would incur sliding and sliding would incur a visit to the ditch or a neighbor's bumper.

Today is the last day of a very long and relaxing (despite being sick) break. I'm ready to go back and all, but I'm still pretty sad about it. There's something about absolute freedom... I know I got bored last summer, but I didn't get bored now, and I've actually accomplished some things! I also told myself that I didn't have to grade over break because I really do need a break (the stress and fear of losing my job made me so irritable and frustrated in those last few weeks before break) so now I have two crates of grading facing me when I return, but that's OK. I will just methodically work my way through.

Well, happy 2007, all. I haven't set down any resolutions officially, but they'll be similar to other years--lose weight, finish projects, send more out for publication, send birthday cards on time, travel more, be more financially responsible, etc. Nothing exciting or surprising here.

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