Monday, June 12, 2006

First day of summer

It's my first day of summer... my first day after my first year of teaching.

Overall, I'm pretty content with my first year of teaching. I made plenty of mistakes, but this also means that I learned plenty of things and am not short in goals for next year! I get a little sleepier when I think of the exhaustion of this past year and how I am doomed to repeat some things, but I'm also determined to make the best of it all.

There were so many people that helped me get to where I am on this journey--from my own great high school English teachers to the department heads and principal at my school. I love what I do, and I couldn't do it without the support I get--from my best friend, from my parents, from my boyfriend, from my students.

(And they were still asking me if I teach sophomore English--some goofballs have it in their head that it won't be so bad to have me as a teacher again--I have a handful who said they'd be interested in taking the junior/senior elective I teach.)

It was a good year.

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