Tuesday, October 18, 2005

first night of p/t conferences

We have two nights of parent/teacher conferences--tonight and a week from tonight, both from 4-7. It's not that awful, and I'm glad for the chance to meet with some parents whose kids really could use a talking-to, but as things often are, you see way more of the kids that are doing just fine then the kids that need some teamwork of parent and teacher to get the student through.

I did have several students come along and two cried. That's always a squirmish moment--I feel bad for the student, especially when I'm fond of them, but I know that there's a reason for the tears and things need to improve.

All in all, it went well. I had just as many parents drop by as most other teachers, but I didn't seem to have the lines or the long meetings as others did. I think most things are straight forward--this is what he or she is doing well, what he or she can do to improve, some missing work, and a few reminders. (Oh wait, that's Friday reflection!!) Lots of supportive parents, which makes me hopeful for the students. Some of them are wonderful; some of them need a bit of nudging (kick in the pants) in the right direction.

I was looking at some of my class pictures I took last Friday, and I got kind of nostalgic, which is pretty lame considering I have most of these kids for a million more months. I think I was just realizing that they will move on, I will move on; I will forget names, they will forget high school. I care about all of them so darn much. Just looking at their faces--so much will change for them. So much will change for me. (I hope so anyway--I'm very happy with where my life is right now, but I know there is a progression.)

Anyway, this is a short week, which makes me very happy. We have MEA conferences, which our district does not require us to attend, so we have Thursday and Friday off. I want to go in one of those days, but I also have a stack of appointments that I need to make as well and some serious sleeping to do. (Not that I didn't do enough of that lazy thing this weekend... I finished three books somehow!)

To all a good night... I stayed up very late last night and had a twelve hour day with a one hour drive on either side, so I am going to finish my glass of wine (from the Red Wing vineyards), get my boring book, and go to bed.

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