Friday, July 08, 2005


Tomorrow, Ryan and I are going to RW with my parents... I think we're going to put in an offer on a house!!! Shall I tell all about it? It's a two-story, light blue house built in 1890. There are three bedrooms (two upstairs and one in the lower level) and two bathrooms (the one upstairs has a whirlpool bathtub and the one on the main level has a shower). There is a decent sized kitchen, a decent sized living room, a separate area for a dining room that is connected to the living room, a den... the downstairs is "redone" with the third bedroom and a den, though there is no carpet. There is a really nice front porch (yay!) and a pretty decent sized yard (compared to everything else in that price range) with a wood fenced in yard (so if we get a dog...) The garage has a heater, if we decide to let me have some woodshop classes at the tech college in town. :) Or just want to heat up our cars in winter... The sun hits the yard just right for a vegetable garden, and the previous owner is a landscaper, so things look pretty decent in the yard. There is only one moderate sized tree and a few smaller ones, which is certainly a bummer for me, but they will grow. It's on a corner with a stop sign, but it's a good neighborhood. Ta-da!

I miss all of my sad books, packed away in a floor-to-ceiling stack... I made myself a lovely reading list for the summer, all fabulous classics, and I realized that they were all packed away. I suppose classics aren't quite the "hot item" at the library, so it shouldn't be hard to pick them up! Vanity Fair, here I come...

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