Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I have been cleared...

I generated an APAS Report for my "English Education M.Ed Initial Licensure" and found that Sarah Treichel was able to clear me to move to the next process in the licensure process. Maxine, the woman at SPS, said it would take about a week and a half before she could pass it along to the Department of Education (in Roseville--just down the street!) where I can start tracking it online. I guess it takes about 7-10 days from there to actually show up on the website that it has been received, and by that time, I will hopefully have received a letter from SPS saying they have passed it on with a number (???). They have to send part of the information to the state for a criminal background check (hence, my fingerprints) and send me through about eighteen more hoops, but as far as I know, it's out of my hands until I get the two green forms which are my license. One goes to the school and the other I keep.

Tonight, last night, and tomorrow night, I am finishing up CI 5177, Project Proposal class. I gave myself until June 15th to finish up that incomplete. In retrospect, more time would have been a thousand times more helpful, but I'll be glad to have it out of my hair.

The next big project... moving. I have to call the electric company, the cable company (cable modem--not cable TV), UHaul, and pack until my hands can pack no more.

After that is all taken care of, I need to find a place for me and Ryan to live next year. (Apparently, one can get pre-approved for a mortgage fairly easily. He found that out on a field trip to Wells Fargo today. "They" are also very silly about credit ratings, we found out. They are confused and think I am smart with money. A lot of people are confused... my students think I'm organized, money-people think I know what to do with money in a wise way... makes me wonder if maybe the rest of the world is crazy and I'm the only normal one.)

Anyway, I definitely am procrastinating on the whole finish-up-this-significant-class thing.

In closing, a little longer article about Mike LeMay (coincidentally, the name of someone I believe I graduated from high school with, but obviously not the same person) who is being charged with manslaughter in the death of Derrick New.

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