Monday, June 20, 2005

Dreams of my first classroom

Last night I had my first dream about my classroom... no wait, I think it was the second. I dreamed about my first day before... a while back, and I was late and when I got to the room, I saw that a lot of my students had come from Roseville (the nice ones). This dream, last night, I was also late, and I found Krista (Clercx, she teaches at RAHS and her classroom is next to Amy's). She helped me find the room number (350 or something like that--550?) and it turned out I was sharing the room with another teacher (Spanish, I believe). However, it was less of a room and more like a small lecture room, and it was divided in half, and I had to shout to be heard, though the students still couldn't really hear me in the back. They were cranky and irritable at this situation. TB from my English 10 class is there as well, and she was always easy-going, but in this dream, she's angry at having to move seats.

So in those two dreams about my first day and I am both late and I haven't seen my room before.

Thursday was a big day for Lakeville South duties. In the morning, I had a Kansas Strategies Sentence Writing Workshop. I was quite late because the directions were a little wonky, but the people giving the workshop were really nice, especially when I had to turn around and leave early so I could tour the theatre at the high school. (The workshop was in Northfield, which is about an hour south from Roseville and maybe twenty minutes away from Lakeville.) The workshop is supposed to help me teach writing to my Communications-11 class. I learned from another person there, Jen, who will teach the "lower level" 9th graders at Lakeville North, that they tend to pair you up with a special education teacher and you end up team teaching. If it works out as well as it did with Vicki and Amy, that would be great!

I also got to tour the theatre with Denny Swenson and his wife, the activities director Neil, the choreographer, a new teacher who will coach Speech but teaches the Theatre Arts classes, and a guy who they thought was going to do the tech stuff, but doesn't sound like he's interested. The theatre is huge! It seats over a thousand people (just a wee bit over a thousand), I believe, and it has an actual orchestra pit. The stage itself is massive for high school and there is a lot of great storage. They even have a scene shop and everything. Denny has been hired to be the main director of the play and musical and will mentor me, I believe. We'll see how that all works out!

In other, sort-of education-related news, I just set up an appointment for Ryan and myself to look at some houses in Red Wing tomorrow. We've found a few on the website that we kind of like, and this agent said he would see if there are more properties that are in that price range. (We were pre-approved, which is fun, and for more then we want to spend, so that's nice to have a bit of freedom!)

Right now I'm in the process of moving my things to Winona until we find a place in R W. I'm also enjoying reading anything I want for the time being. I would really love to go on a vacation with Ryan--somewhere with a beach--but we might have to settle for the sandbars of the Mississippi since we can't really afford to go anywhere, nor do we have a lot of available time with the moves and my classes and my workshops and his conventions, etc. Maybe we'll find a way to get out to visit my friend Nikki in North Carolina... that's the hope, anyway.

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