Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More applications, overhead cords, and last observation

Today was a busy day!

But first... I applied to EIGHT places last night. LaCrosse (which I had to fax today anyway because the deadline was 4:30 today--it cost me $20!!), Stewartville, Plainview, Wabasha-Kellogg,Winona Middle School, Waconia, and Roseville.

Today, thus far: Wisconsin Heights, Superior High School, Duluth, Crosswinds, application for LaCrescent...

(In case some people are confused--no, there are no openings at schools like Duluth or Crosswinds, but I'm putting in my applications in anyway in case something comes up! After all, there were no openings at Roseville, but a .56 (or .58?) opened up at the beginning of the month. One never knows. And if anyone is reading this that is going through the current cohort program, they might want to have the links to all the places in the area!)

So today's humorous story... I was teaching my Journalism class, and I knew it would happen one day...

#29. Watch out for those overhead cords.

OK, so I tripped over Amy's (mine) today. I was teaching my Journalism class, and I backed up towards the chalkboard. I knew I would trip over it one day... More outlets would be nice. The kids were kind of nice about it... a little gasp and an "Oh, are you OK?" I tried to keep talking, but I stopped and said, "OK, yeah, I'm embarrassed, but I'm going to move on." It's a good thing I feel pretty comfortable in this class... otherwise, I probably would have actually been embarrassed, but I wasn't. Whoops, I tripped. I walk into walls and tables all the time; I'm a natural klutz and I'm totally used to it.

I also picked up an awful digital camera for my Journalism class (I'm doing Photojournalism this week). Definitely going to return it, though I hope Target will take it back. I am happy to get a better one, but this one certainly stinks.

Jill came in for her last observation today. Tammy had to cancel her observation for a job interview (CONGRATS, Tammy!), so I was able to get her spot! Poor Jill... darn baby came early, so she's probably so overwhelmed! And I don't doubt that the only thing she wants to do right now is deal with JJ and all of the wonderful suprises parenthood brings. I've had a few friends have children, and I know those first few weeks are so much fun! Plus, laundry... oy! I hope that Jill feels comfortable calling some of us to baby-sit. :)

I think I'll go to bed now and write about what's been going on in my classroom in the next posting!

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