Tuesday, May 24, 2005


As you may or may not have guessed by my string of pictures of the development of Lakeville South High School...


:) Principal Douglas ("my principal") offered me the job Sunday around 8:30 pm. He called and said something like, "I'd like to offer you a job," and I said something like, "And I'd love to accept it!" I felt like such an idiot, but of course I was thrilled, especially given the current market.

I had a dream on Saturday night that I had gotten the job. Kind of strange... Maybe I can dream myself a great first year!

I also want to make note--good luck to my cohort. Some have gotten jobs already--Mandy at a Twin Cities charter school, Adrien in South America, Heidi in Arizona, Tammy at Champion Park, Regan in St Paul, Kathy and Elisa will be my very close neighbors at Lakeville North, Kate in Butterfield. (Correct me if I'm wrong... and let me know if there are more!) Congrats to those, and good luck to the rest--you will get one and you do deserve one!

It's a great feeling to have one now. I can travel during the summer without worrying (OK, I need to be able to afford that first, but hey, I'll get to that point. I hope.) about the last minute interview phone call. I can prepare for next year, as soon as I know what I will be teaching.

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