Sunday, May 15, 2005

Grading marathon and Photojournalism

I'm almost done with my grading for my Journalism class, which is nice. I have about one and a half assignments to get through.

I have also created a rubric for the research paper... I won't be able to grade any of them, but I think this sheet will make my grading go so much faster:

Rubric for Research Paper

Name: _______________________________________

Topic: _______________________________________

1. Included printouts/notes _____ / 2

2. Actual notes/highlighted articles _____ / 5

3. Included peer reviews, peer editing _____ / 5

4. Included my edited draft _____ / 5

5. Free of spelling, grammar, mechanics errors _____ / 4

6. Bibliography _____ / 7

7. Citations _____ / 5

8. Thesis, topic sentences, organization _____ / 7

9. Other requirements: title, double space, etc. _____ / 5

10. Shows both sides of argument clearly _____ / 5

Points off for lateness _____ /

Added points for above and beyond _____ /

Total _____ / 50


I hope I included everything.... (Oh, and it lines up much nicer on the actual sheet!) I might adjust some of the points--less on the bibliography and more on another topic, like clarity... how do you say "Well written"? :) I guess I should brainstorm components of a well written essay and look back on the overheads and notes I gave the students on how to put together the paper!

I also have to grade their journals, but that usually takes about an hour, so I might just do them when I go to school tomorrow. I'm observing two teachers tomorrow--second hour Honors 9th grade, and fourth hour Heroes in Lit. I figured I only have four weeks left, so I better get some more observing in before I am an official teacher! :) This way I can see some more teaching styles as I am finding my own.

Below are some pictures I got back from my photojournalism exercise! I had them take a portrait as well as take some pictures which have to do with their topic, if possible. (Blogs are so much more fun when there are pictures, aren't they?)

Oh, speaking of pictures... I returned my icky digital camera and exchanged it for a much nicer Nikon. It's similar to the 35mm I have, though a much "cheaper" version! (My sister has the nice version--my price times ten, I think! But she was/is going to school for graphic design, so that's understandable.) I figured if I had a digital camera, and I continue to do webpage projects with my students, they could use it. (With supervision, of course...)

Well, back to grading. It feels so good to be moderately close to being caught up!

Four more weeks... can you believe it? I was just telling Kelly yesterday that it feels like fall semester was years ago! Sitting in Teaching Composition in Secondary School and College (fun name for a title!)... that seems like years ago.

OK, grading. And I start Julius Caesar tomorrow. Better figure out exactly what I'm doing! :)

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