Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This is Me, Doing a Little Dance

Lakeville Area Schools called to set up an interview with me on Monday. Unfortunately, I was grocery shopping when the call came in (arg--the one time I actually have time to go in the past few weeks), so I had to leave a message. The openings for an interview could easily fill up (this is a really tough market right now), which would be such a huge disappointment for me.

Lakeville is near the Twin Cities--a bit to the south.

Their website is really great. Tons of information--their curriculum, the schools in the district, even a special ed link! It looks like they are opening up a high school in Fall 2005, so that bodes well for me.

Everyone who is reading this, keep your fingers crossed for me! It would mean the world to me if I could get a job teaching high school my first year out of the program and even more if I could do it and still be near (if not living with) Ryan. This is pretty far from him, but close enough that we could find a way to commute. It will work itself out, I am sure.

(By the way, Winona is certainly not hiring... read this article...)

In other news, tomorrow is MCA testing day. I will get to proctor my first exam, which should be interesting. They are being tested from 8:10-11:40, which seems like an extremely long time, considering the sophomores are taking the reading test and the juniors are taking a math test. And that's about it. :)

The timing is interesting too. We have just finished up Inherit the Wind with my English 10 class, and I have linked the research unit to the issues in education theme of ITW. They are spending the next few days in the library researching an issue in education themselves... It was during 3rd hour and it was swamped! There were four classes in there (and the librarian said a fifth might come in) and everyone was pretty wacky. I was surprised at how on-task my students were. I think as long as you give them reasonable options, most kids will take advantage of the time and "get into it." (I'm also noticing that being "into it" does fade... I'll have to learn to re-invent that interest for them.)

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