Thursday, April 07, 2005

Making Deals

I think I'm a nerd... Even my DVDs are literary. My DVDs from the library--The Heiress, which is an adaptation of Washington Square. Sylvia, which is based on the life of Sylvia Plath... Oh, I fell in love with her in late middle school with The Bell Jar and I continued that love of writing with her poetry and prose. 90 Minute Shakespeare, which is a bit of comedy on the complete works of William Shakespeare.

My watch, actually, now sports a portrait of good o'l Bill Shakes.

Just a quick question: Does that make me a nerd? (And if so, what kind? Give details and quotes, where possible...)

I have found that if you find a way for the students to have choice, they will be more agreeable.

To my Journalism class last week: "I heard a rumor that you were feeling a little weighed down with homework... if we can just get through this activity smoothly, you can have the rest of the hour to work on your articles."

To M and J after school today: "If you come in after school today and after school on Monday and work on all of your missing work and at least get through the chapter packet, I will extend the last day for late work until next Monday from tomorrow."

It's like playing let's-make-a-deal. :)

Plus, on projects, such as the TKAM final project, they'll have ten different options... (due Tuesday!)

As soon as I think I've made a dent in the grading, there's still more... M and J will come in after school tomorrow (we hope), so while they're doing whatever it is that they need to do, I'll be able to get through some of it.

I have begun the last revision of my resume. Jill gave me lots of great advice. I just have to find out what years I was on the Dean's List. Dang Dean's List.

I feel like I have touched on a thousand different things tonight... I feel pretty pooped and frustrated. It's about 10:30, and I think I might just get into bed with Sideways, read a little, and sleep... the internet is being stupid anyway. It keeps telling me that things aren't load-able, and when I'm doing a job search, I want things to go smoothly... frustrated, frustrated, and I'm going to get more then five hours of sleep tonight.

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