Monday, March 14, 2005

This is the Before Post

I thought I would write a little before and after post for my first day of teaching. I was able to sleep fine last night... I was a bit wired, so I read until midnight, which means I only got a little over six hours of sleep, but that's OK to function on. (Hopefully tonight I can fall asleep by eleven--I need at least seven hours of sleep to really make sense.) I was also able to eat something, although as I become more aware, I think my stomach is going to be crabby about it. I haven't showered yet, and I leave in half an hour (I have to be there by 7:30, though the school day doesn't start until 8:10). Ryan is snoozing in bed--his job was pretty easy last night. I didn't freak out, though I might wake him up and freak out a little (that's mean, since he can't really fall back asleep easily... maybe I won't).

Deep breaths.

I'm ready. Or, I'm ready as I'll ever be. What more do I need to do to be ready? Not a whole heck of a lot. I guess I'll always think, "Oh there was this one more thing I could have done..."

Anyway, I think I'll be OK in the nerves-department. Nervous, yes, but much better in comparison to that teaching experience at Preble when I couldn't get anything down and the adreneline kind of made a whooshing sound in my ears. :) I think one of the biggest pressures is not the students but who else is in the room. I can't decide if I feel like having Amy in the room will make me more or less nervous. I guess that's a good sign! I think both--less because I know she can give me feedback or help me with classroom management, if I really need it, but more because I know she's deciding if I'm a good teacher or not. I know, nothing can be determined in the first day, or even the first week.

OK, enough babbling. Shower, and I'm off!

Today is really, finally here. Kind of unbelievable.

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