Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Note Before My Nap

I went to the school newspaper meeting after school today. I don't know why, but being in that teacher's room reminded me of really being in high school... I suppose that makes almost no sense... the rooms are all pretty much the same size at this school, but Amy's room is different from Mr Beckemeyer's room. (He's the newspaper advisor.) Amy's room is seven chairs deep and five chairs wide, wherease his room is the opposite--wider then it is deep, which I think is nice. I am rarely able to see or notice the students in the back row, and in my 3rd hour class, there is a group of mostly girls that are prone to chatting and not doing the work. It's frustrating.

OK, I'm going to take a quick (one hour?) nap because I have been getting less then six hours of sleep every night and because I don't have any classes to attend or work to go to, I'm going to treat myself to a little mid-afternoon (mid-evening?) reading and a brief snooze... My view is that I'm not really thinking straight with so little sleep right now anyway, so if I nap a bit, I might have a clearer head. (This is how I'm justifying it, I think.) I will ramble again later tonight!

I definitely want to address "exceptional" students at some point. (Gifted students, students with learning disabilities, ELL students, lazy students... anyone who isn't "average." What is that anyway?) I want to kind of address what I have been doing and explore some options.

And one more thing... absent students. I don't want to write about it later, but I do want to say this--my goodness. I'm so glad I decided to have them do journals as warmups. Not only do I get to read their opinions about the book and have them explore it in a different way, but I have time to take attendance, hand back work, and arrange absent work collections. I'm definitely going to stick with the journals, though grading them is pretty time consuming for later.

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